Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

Allianz SNA’s local CSR strategy is to improve the quality of life in Lebanon through various cultural, environmental, urban and social initiatives and projects that will help building sustainable growth for our society.

For us, sustainability means to create a long-term economic value by applying responsible corporate governance, by protecting our environment and resources, and by supporting local communities.

 Our CSR efforts are absolutely not restricted to a specific "genre" of projects. From increasing traffic awareness to music festivals to book publications, Allianz SNA's central guiding principle is in projects that will reap benefits well into the future, and will have the greatest impact on society.

  Our major CSR initiatives

Urban Rejuvenation Project with “Help Lebanon” Association

The idea behind the project was to improve the streets of Lebanon as the civil war that had ravaged the country had left many scars on the buildings, and therefore an initiative to beautify and renovate Lebanon's urban structures was taken since 1997.

 Accordingly, Allianz SNA started with the rehabilitation of the "Sassine Tunnel" in Achrafieh, and has been contributing to this cause ever since. Till today 3,000 buildings in over 50 districts have been repainted by Help Lebanon, adding a fresh breath of color to the cement jungle of Beirut. Indeed, so successful was the project that Allianz SNA was chosen by UNDP as a model for business-community relations.

 The following are some of the major sectors rejuvenated since 1997 and where the difference is obvious between the before and after:

  • Zahle in 2014
  • Tahouita in 2013
  • Hazmieh in 2012/2011
  • Sin el fil in 2010
  • Karm el zeitoun in 2009/2008
  • Hotel Dieu in 2007
  • Gouraud street in 2006

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  Road safety

Allianz SNA promoted road safety through a large traffic safety awareness campaign. A traffic safety garden was especially dedicated to the project on the premises of our Head quarters in Hazmieh , where more than 1,200 Children aged between 6 and 12 were taught the basics of safe driving, through a lecture on road regulations and a five minute driving on the circuit of the road safety garden.

  Cultural Sponsorship

Arts and culture are central to the Lebanese identity, and Allianz SNA has long understood the importance of nurturing artistic endeavors.

Al-Bustan festival, the premier music festival in Lebanon, was a natural fit for Allianz Allianz SNA's sponsorship. Every year since 1994, Allianz SNA and Al-Bustan have come together to bring top-flight artists to the country, while offering a variety of different shows, events, and concerts that are nothing short of enthralling.

Allianz SNA was also involved in the creation of the International Sculpture forum in the village of Rachana. The project initially launched to create stone sculptures representing 25 countries around the world, but the sculptures continued developing every year and have made Rachana a tourist destination. With more than 77 sculptures, the project has also nurtured cultural exchange, creating a space where Lebanese artists can interact with their counterparts from around the world.
Aside from its long-term commitments to these projects, Allianz SNA has also been involved in producing documentaries aimed at improving Lebanon's image, not to mention sponsoring photo exhibitions and book publications on a variety of topics.


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