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P.O. Box 16-6528 Beirut - Lebanon

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  Allianz SNA

Allianz SNA was founded in Lebanon in 1963 as SNA (Société Nationale d’Assurances) by local shareholders and has quickly expanded to cover the Lebanese territory as well as the regional market, offering all lines of insurance products to its clients.

Today Allianz SNA stands among the top insurers on the market with a sound and well balanced portfolio between Life and Property & Casualty and Health.

Allianz SNA provides comprehensive range of financial services and insurance solutions to corporate and individual customers through various distribution channels: Sales Force, Bancassurance, Preferred Brokers and Key Account Executives.

Allianz SNA is also proud to contribute to its society through supporting civic actions such as road safety and health awareness and sponsoring and promoting environmental and cultural events such as renovation of old buildings and music festivals.

  Allianz SNA Branches

Achrafieh Saifi 311, Tabaris Square, Mar Maroun Sector 01 218520
Ain Saadeh Salah Bou Aoun Bldg, Main road 04 870048
Aley Bou Rafeh Bldg, Piscine St. 05 556785
Dekwaneh Azar Bldg, facing car registration office, 1st floor 01-684538/586
Hamra Ghanem Bldg, Pavillon St. 01 350243
Jbeil Byblos Sun Bldg-3rd Floor, Jbeil, Main Exit Road 03 109759
Jezzine Al Maouche Center, Main Road 07 781437
Kornet Chehwane FORUM 600 Cente, Main Road, 2nd Floor 04 911782
Jounieh Turk Bldg, Municipal Stadium St. 09 918465
Monteverde Hajj Bldg, Main Road 04 409785

Boulevard Nazih El Bezri, roundabout Merjan, Samco Tower, 3rd floor 

07 754 603

Tayouneh roundabout, Badaro, 4 Residence - GF, near Western Union-OMT

01 387712/13/14/15
Tripoli Lebdeh & Adhab Bldg, El Mina St. 06 441149

Hatab Tower-  Grand Floor - Sarolla St.

81 707475 

Zahle  SNA Bldg, Brazil St. 08 803422
Zalka Zalka, Jdaide internal road, Al Amara 78 center, 4th floor 01 891336 - 01 883707

  Board of Directors

  • Mr. Antoine Issa : Chairman and MENA CEO
  • Mr. Antoine Wakim
  • Mr. Hugues de Roquette-Buisson
  • Cheikh Ghassan Assaf
  • Mr. Tarek Bazzi

  Our Mission and Vision

  • Our Mission

To be the preferred insurer, building sustainable & profitable growth, providing a wide range of comprehensive & high quality products, through multi-distribution channels & a wide geographic presence, with highly qualified and ethical employees showing strong values.

  • Our Vision

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