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Group Retirement


Power Plan is designed to cater to organizations that wish to offer a comprehensive, solid retirement option for their employees, covering their requirements for retirement and increasing employee retention.

It is a complete and flexible solution, that grants the employees the possibility to save for their retirement while granting them peace of mind.


Our Group Retirement Plan Covers additional retirement benefits to employees through a modern & flexible regular premium vehicle. Additional contributions to boost individual investment accounts are also possible.


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  • Flexibility to choose the Parameters of the plan (insurance covers and amounts, level of premium, contribution and indexation) according to your preferences and your staff categories.
  • Each adherent is treated as an individual while also reaping the benefits of being part of a group.
  • A wide variety of options and great flexibility allow the Power Plan to meet the exact needs of your employees.
  • Ability to switch to an individual plan if the employee moves to a different company with low charges/penalties.


  • Investment through regular premiums with a minimum of 25 $ per month.
  • Possibility to benefit from a minimum guaranteed rate of return on investment *.
  • Possibility for premium indexation through the annual variation rate to cope with inflation.
  • Possibility for additional booster payment anytime during the contract period.
  • Possibility of taking a loan from the investment amount starting the 2nd year of the plan.

* In case of any increase or decrease in the minimum rate by Allianz SNA, it shall only affect allocations generated from future premiums paid after the date of such change.

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