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Claims Procedures

  Things to do in case of a car accident

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  • Initiate Process of Claim

Things to Do

If you have a claim resulting from a car accident, just follow these simple steps

  • Stay calm, limit the discussions, and talk only to experts
  • Call the expert (as per attached list)
  • If needed, call the ambulance or medical assistance (see attached list: Lebanese Red Cross and Civil Defense )
  • If needed, call 24h road assistance (03/ 390 490 or 03/ 976 976): they will tow your vehicle
  • Get the facts: it is extremely important to make a note of the names, addresses, phone numbers, license plate numbers of the cars involved and insurance companies of the individuals involved.

Initiate Process of Claim

To get the claim process started

  • Call your insurance consultant, within a maximum period of 3 days to report the accident.
  • If your consultant is not available, call Allianz SNA Operations Center on 05 - 422 000.

You can print the car accident declaration, fill it, sign it and send it to Allianz SNA Operations Center 

Download Car Accident Declaration

  In Case of Hospitalization

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  • Claims Procedure


For any hospitalization claim please call NEXtCARE Claims Center.
Operating 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Phone +961 1 577200

             +961 3 293299

Fax       +961 1 577205/6

Click here to download the Claim Reimbursment form

  Other Claims

To declare a claim
(not car accident, nor hospitalization)
please call the company directly to follow the appropriate procedure.


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