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A financial protection coverage that will ensure financial independence to the family and maintain the same lifestyle for them. The term life insurance plan from Allianz SNA is a conventional life insurance policy that provides the essential protection in case of death or disabilities
Spiral Term Plan Conditions

Life complete is life secured

Spiral – a flexible insurance solution that lets you be in control.
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Flexible protection benefits with various insurance covers and riders. 
Possibility to choose the contract period according to your age and your insurance needs.
Flexibility to choose the renewability option to extend your coverage period.
Natural or accidental death: A lump-sum amount paid to the beneficiaries of the insured in case of death.
  • Renewability: For policies with periods of 5 years, Allianz SNA grants you the ability to renew your policy with no additional medical requirements.
  • Total Permanent Disablement (TPD): In case of disablement, the main cover is paid in equal installments over 5 years.
  • Passive War Risk: A cover in times of war or war-like circumstances, granting you protection in case of death or total permanent disablement (as an added option).
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