A flexible insurance solution that lets you be in control.
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  • Spiral Circle of Life is an all-in-one insurance solution that lets you secure and protect what matters to you the most: Protecting your income, securing your retirement amount as well as the schooling & university tuitions of your children.
  • Spiral Circle of Life is a solution personalized based on your actual situation and will evolve through your life journey. Choosing Spiral is choosing a Life Companion.

Life complete is life secured

Spiral – a flexible insurance solution that lets you be in control.
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Flexible protection benefits with various insurance covers and riders. 
Multiple investment options with a possibility to choose between various investment options, according to your risk preferences. 
Guarantee the continuity of your children’s education through the schooling and university tuition.
Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly). 
Possibility to protect both the insurance and investment benefits against inflation. 
  • Cover A - Lump Sum benefit: Payment of Lump Sum amount in case of Death
  • Cover B - Spouse Income Benefit: Annual payment of an annuity for a fixed period in case of Death
  • Cover C - Schooling benefit(s): Annual payment of schooling annuities in case of Death up to a selected child age
  • Cover D - University annuities for your children starting at a specified child age and for a fixed period.
  • TPD Rider - In case of Total and Permanent Disablement, covers A, B, C and D are payable
  • Passive War Rider - In case of Death or Total and Permanent Disablement due to passive war, the selected covers A, B, C and D are payable
  • Accident Rider - Additional amount payable in case of accidental Death and/or Disablement
  • Cover D - University annuities for your children starting at a specified child age and for a fixed period 
  • Retirement - Payment on maturity, or annuity for a fixed period, or a combination of both
  • Booster - Boost your investment account with additional investment contributions
  • Funds - The choice of investment in “with profit” investment and several local, international and
    offshore Funds:

Internal portfolio managed by the Company in a way to maximize the risk/ratio return. The invested amounts will accumulate with profits based on the annual rates of return declared by the Company every year in accordance with the Company’s actuary certificate.

Several local, international and offshore funds via several and diverse financial utilities.*

Various Investment options are available ranging:

  • Diverse Asset Types (Bonds, Stock)
  • Geographical Allocations (Asia Pacific, Europe, USA)
  • Currency allocations (USD)

Fund allocations can be changed and adjusted any time and as deemed necessary.

* Referring to Allianz SNA Range of Funds

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Spiral Funds
Category/ Risk Class/ Currency

Net Asset Value

Year to Date


Annualized 5 years

Amundi Global Bond Fund Aggregate Fixed Income/ Moderate/ USD 238.04 -4.03% 10.63% 1.4%
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund Fixed Income/Moderate/ USD 18.48 -3.45% 12.00% 2.8%
Pimco GIS Diversified Income Fund Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 22.03 -4.67 14.01% 3.5%
Vontobel US Equity Equity/ Dynamic/ USD 1110.04 -10.82% 33.81% 9.5%
T. Rowe Price Blue Chips Growth Equity/ Dynamic/ USD 53.31 -7.54% 33.19% 10.9%
Allianz Oriental Income Equity/ Dynamic/ USD 140.56 -10.86% 40.11% 4.6%
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