Symphonia is a financial Modular System from Allianz SNA combining Wealth Distribution rhythms at various time frames

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The Symphonia program is designed to meet with whatever combination you deem necessary for your financial objectives and goals.

Allianz SNA will offer you the possibility to be the SOLE conductor of your Symphonia, with a full autonomy of adjusting rhythms anytime, to meet with the suitable investment ambiance.....

Life Insurance Benefit
With Symphonia, you will have the option to set up the appropriate insurance amount that would safeguard the financial future of your family in case of Death or Disability.
Schooling Benefits
In case of death or permanent disability, the schooling and university fees of your children, in addition to the financial welfare of the Parents will be covered over a pre-set period of your choice. 
Waiver of future contribution
In case of Death or Diability, Symphonia grants the option of transferring the policy to a pre-selected policy holder (Beneficiary) and the company will step in and pay the due premiums on behalf of the policyholder up till the original maturity.
A rider is a provision in your Symphonia policy that adds in extra insurance benefits as per your selection and needs
Symphonia is devoted to accompany you in the journey of life and support you to fully look after your loved ones. Whether you want to protect a child, a parent, or a spouse, you will find much more than what you expected. Choose your melody.
An aggressive capital appreciation rhythm, reflecting efficiency and accuracy in Asset Management for the medium to long term planning.
A balanced Savings rhythm, reflecting harmony for a long-term retirement strategy.
A conservative Protective rhythm, reflecting a hedging tactic to safeguard the continuation of the concert.
A Life Insurance Benefit grants coverage in case of decease due to natural and/or accidents risks.
A supplementary Life Insurance Coverage to better support the family in case of an accidental death. 
A pre-selected Coverage on all risks pertaining to 11 Critical illnesses.
Supplementary Total and Partial Disability Coverage due to accidents to better insure related risks when and if necessary.
An Accidental and Natural Permanent Total Disability Coverage guaranteed to preserve the appropriate amount necessary for a safe financial future.
Additional Disability Coverage from war or war-related risks.
Additional coverage on all risks resulting directly or indirectly from war events.

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Symphonia Funds
Category/ Risk Class/ Currency

Net Asset Value

Year to Date


Annualized 5 years

Allianz Geldmarktfonds Spezial Money Market/Conservative/EUR 45.86 -1.38% -1.08% -0.5%
Pimco GIS Low average duration fund Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 12.76 0.24% 3.75% 0.7%
Pimco GIS GLB INV GR CR Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 18.39 -3.92% 12.00% 2.6%
Pimco GIS Total Ret. Bd. Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 28.82 3.08% 8.41% 2.5%
Pimco GIS Diversified Income  Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 22.06 -4.64% 14.01% 3.4%
Pimco GIS Emg Mkts Bd Fixed Income/Moderate/USD 41.10 -10.75% 14.81% 2.0%
Allianz RCM US Equity Equity/Agressive/USD 228.64 0.00% 29.72% 4.5%
Allianz RCM China Equity/Agressive/USD 58.94 -6.76% 19.31% -0.8%
Allianz RCM Europe Equity Growth Equity/Agressive/EUR 259.55 -14.48% 38.54% 1.2%
Allianz RCM Asia Pacific Equity/Agressive/USD 17.73 -14.26% 17.30% -1.9%
Allianz RCM Oriental Income Equity/Agressive/USD 139.15 -11.76% 40.11% 4.3%
Allianz RCM Global Agricultural Trends Equity/Agressive/USD 9.10 -20.73% 15.26% -6.0%
Allianz RCM Rohstoffonds Equity/Agressive/EUR 51.62 -21.79% 16.94% -2.8%
Allianz RCM Bric Equity Equity/Agressive/USD 6.11 -18.10% 20.13% -0.5%
iShares MSCI World Islamic UCI Equity/Agressive/USD 29.45 -16.38% 23.88% 1.8%
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