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Allianz SNA has been a market leader in the Bancassurance concept for over 15 years, and instrumental in extending this type of insurance to Lebanon as well as the region as a whole.

First introduced in 1996 via a partnership with Societe Generale de Banque au Liban (SGBL), Allianz SNA went on to create "Wagib". As the first pre-signed over-the-counter insurance policy, "Wagib" quickly rose to become one of the best-selling insurance products on the market, with thousands of policies sold by bank staff over the years.

This success created the opportunity to partner with other Lebanese banks on the market, culminating in collaboration with over 12 leading financial institutions in Lebanon alone. However, Allianz SNA worked with financial institutions beyond Lebanon's borders and exported its Bancassurance concept to Jordan with the Arab Bank and Al-Nisr Al-Arabi Insurance Company, Saudi Arabia with Banque Saudi Fransi and Allianz Saudi Fransi, and the UAE with Emirates Bank and National General Insurance.

Our broad spectrum of Bancassurance products and services has not only enlarged and diversified our partners' portfolio, but has also given clients the ideal solutions to their unique needs and requirements.

  Types of Products

The full range of Bancassurance products includes:


  • Term Life
  • Schooling

Property and Casualty

  • Personal Accident
  • Motor
  • Home / Office / Shop
  • Travel
  • Loss of Income
  • Insurance of Payment Means
  • Expatriates / Maids
  • Home and Motor


Financial Planning

  • Retirement Plan
  • Education Plan

  Bancassurance Partners

Bank Of Beirut

  • B Gratified: Retirement Saving Plan
  • B Clever: Education Saving Plan
  • Safe Life: Term Life Insurance Plan
  • Safe School: Schooling Insurance Plan
  • Safe Way: Personal Accident Plan
  • Safe Income: Income Compensation Plan
  • Safe Home: Home Insurance Plan
  • Safe Drive: Motor Insurance Plan
  • Safe Travel: Travel Insurance Plan

Banque Libano-Française

  • Income compensation plan
  • Home Insurance plan
  • Office / Shop Insurance plan
  • Travel Insurance Plan
  • Payment Means Insurance Plan


  • Jana: Retirement Saving Plan
  • Najah: Education Saving Plan


  • CB شهادة : Education Saving Plan
  • CB طمأنينة : Term Life Insurance Plan
  • CB واجب : Personal Accident Plan
  • CB Income Back: Income Compensation Plan
  • CB البيت الامن : Home Insurance Plan
  • CB العمل الامن : Office/Shop Insurance Plan
  • CB قيادة : Motor Insurance Plan
  • Travel Insurance Plan: Travel Insurance Plan
  • Foreign Labor Plan: Maids Insurance Plan


  • Retirement Saving Plan : حصادي 
  • Education Saving Plan : دراستي
  • Term Life Insurance Plan : حياتي
  • Personal Accident Plan : راحتي
  • Income Compensation Plan : حمايتي
  • Motor Insurance Plan : طريقي
  • Travel Insurance Plan : سفرتي

Federal Bank of Lebanon

  • Retirement Saving Plan
  • Education Saving Plan
  • Term Life Insurance Plan
  • Personal Accident Plan
  • Motor Insurance Plan

Lebanon & Gulf Bank

  • Retirement Saving Plan : التقاعد 
  • Education Saving Plan : معنا التعليم
  • Term Life Insurance Plan : معنا الضمانة
  • Personal Accident Plan : معنا الطمأنينة
  • Income Compensation Plan : معنا الدخل المستمر
  • Home Insurance Plan : معنا البيت السالم
  • Office/Shop Insurance Plan : معنا العمل السالم
  • Motor Insurance Plan : معنا الأمان
  • Travel Insurance Plan : معنا السفر

Lebanese Swiss Bank

  • Retirement Saving Plan : حصاد العمر
  • Education Saving Plan : براعم الغد
  • Term Life Insurance Plan : الحياة حلوة
  • Personal Accident Plan : فكر بأحبابك
  • Motor Insurance Plan : سيارتك بأمان


  • Sogeconfort: Income Compensation Plan
  • Sogegarde: Home Insurance Plan
  • Sogegarde Pro: Office/Shop Insurance Plan
  • Sogeroute: Motor Insurance Plan
  • Sogemonde: Travel Insurance Plan
  • Quiétis: Payment Means Insurance Plan
  • Quiétis Pro: Payment Means Insurance Plan (Corporate)
  • Sogeplus: Complementary Home & Motor Insurance Plan


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