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International Healthcare Plans


International Healthcare Plans

Allianz SNA, in collaboration with Allianz Worldwide Care and NEXtCARE, offers an international healthcare solution designed for residents in Lebanon. 

Are you looking to protect yourself and your family with an award wining International Health Insurance?
Allianz SNA in collaboration with Allianz Worldwide Care provide you and your family the access to premium healthcare and the fast, flexible, and 100% reliable service. 


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  • A single supplier solution - our healthcare plans are provided, monitored and managed directly by Allianz
  • Flexible, modular plan design means cover can be adapted to suit a range of different budgets
  • Comprehensive range of benefits including exceptional cover for chronic and congenital conditions
  • Ability to accept a wide range of pre-existing conditions on cover
  • Choice of two geographical region of cover options
  • Direct settlement available for in-patient and out-patient treatments via NEXtCARE Lebanon, plus access to Allianz Worlwide Care's global medical network
  • Access to a 24/7 multilingual Helpline for general queries and emergency assistance
  • Easily transfer to an equivalent Allianz Worldwide Care International Healthcare Plan if relocating outside Lebanon (where available)


  • Flexible range of international healthcare products

  • Extensive medical network

Flexible range of international healthcare products

Clients are offered a selection of Core Plans, which cover a wide range of in-patient and day-care treatments plus other benefits such as medical evacuation, oncology (covered at full refund), rehabilitation treatment and palliative care.

Clients can also supplement their chosen Core Plan by adding an Out-patient, Dental, Maternity and/or Repatriation Plan. 

To help reduce healthcare premiums we offer a range of deductible options, plus two different geographical regions of cover to choose from (i.e. where cover applies). This flexibility ensures that cover is appropriate based on the client's particular set of needs and budget. 

For further details regarding the available plan options please refer to the relevant Table of Benefits on our website:

Extensive medical network

Members can avail of cashless access to treatment via NEXtCARE Lebanon's direct billing network. This includes a comprehensive network of private hospitals, public hospitals, day-care and out-patient centres.

For treatment outside Lebanon, members can avail of direct settlement for in-patient treatment and out-patient treatment in many clinics through Allianz Worldwide Care's extensive global network of medical providers. 

Our roles

Allianz Worldwide Care, the award winning international health division of Allianz Worldwide Partners, provides insurance solutions for health on a global scale. The company's structure, product design and market leading support services have been specifically developed to meet the health insurance needs of individuals, families and corporate groups.

  • Allianz SNA is the insurer for all policies.
  • Allianz Worldwide Care provides administration services for treatments outside Lebanon.
  • NEXtCARE administers policies within Lebanon. 

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