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Protection and Investment

Libertas is a financial product combining protection and investment options, with superior flexibility all through its period.

You're young, but wise. You're already thinking ahead towards retirement, or maybe marriage is on the horizon... All of this means that you're ready to invest in the future, your future.

Libertas is a financial product combining protection and investment options, with superior flexibility all through its period.


Allianz SNA - Libertas
  • Flexible saving option with a possibility to choose between various investment choices, according to your risk preferences.
  • Flexibility to switch between investment options anytime
  • Flexible protection options with various insurance covers and riders
  • Possibility to protect both the insurance and investment benefits against inflation
  • Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly)


  • Insurance Benefits

  • Investment benefits

Insurance Benefits

  • Life Insurance: Immediate lump sum amount to be paid upon death of the insured.
  • Joint Life option: To include the wife or business partner within the plan.
  • Critical illness cover: To hedge against major illnesses like heart disease, cancer, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, kidney failure.
  • Total Permanent Disablement: Cover in case of natural or accidental disabilities.
  • War cover: To protect against risks resulting from war, terrorism or similar circumstances.
  • Accident cover: Additional accident cover in case of death or disability whether total or partial

Investment benefits

Libertas offers the choice of investment in several local, international and offshore funds via several and diverse financial utilities.*

Various Investment options are available ranging:

  • Diverse Asset Types (Bonds, Stock)
  • Geographical Allocations (Asia Pacific, China, USA)
  • Currency allocations (Euro, Dollars)

Fund allocations can be changed and adjusted any time and as deemed necessary.

* Referring to Allianz SNA Range of Funds

  Fund Performance

Libertas Funds


Risk Class



(Net Asset Value)


(Year to Date)



5 years

Amundi Funds Bond Global Aggregate* Fixed Income Moderate USD 247.45 10.37% -2.22% 3.3%
Pimco GIS Global Investment Grade Credit Fund* Fixed Income Moderate USD 18.89 10.53% -1.89% 4.0%
Pimco GIS Diversified Income Fund* Fixed Income Moderate USD 22.7 11.99%  -2.50% 4.7%
Vontobel US Equity* Equity Dynamic USD 1164.96 25.23% -5.12% 13.3%
T. Rowe Price Blue Chips Growth* Equity Dynamic USD 52.98 22.38% -0.73% 14.9%
Allianz RCM Oriental Income* Equity Dynamic USD 142.43 26.55% -19.01% 7.4%
Pimco Total Return Bond Fund Fixed Income Moderate USD 29.27 8.56% -1.50% 2.9%
Amundi FDS-Cash USD-AUC Fixed Income Conservative USD 108.04 2.18% 2.09% 1.3%
Pimco Diversified Income Fund Fixed Income Moderate USD 25.61


-1.60% 5.7%
ISHARES MSCI World Islamic Equity Aggressive USD 33.06 16.29% -13.77% 6.1%
Templeton Asian Growth Equity Aggressive USD 32.18 14.24% -20.87% -0.2%
Pioneer US Mid Cap Value Offshore Equity Aggressive USD 13.07 22.84% -23.34% 4.4%
Allianz RCM US Equity Equity Aggressive USD 65.98 20.31% -12.19%


Allianz Multiple Equilibre Balanced Moderate EUR 465.33 11.05% -8.33% 5.1%
Allianz RCM Europe Equity Growth Equity Aggressive EUR 270.78 23.61% -15.80% 8.8%

*New Funds

  Case Study

Mazen, a single man of 35, is planning to prepare for his retirement. Being at his prime working years, and getting ready to get married, he's now convinced that it's time to invest in the future.

The «Libertas» program from Allianz SNA is the perfect choice for Mazen to start investing his money in a financial program while making sure that he has the appropriate insurance coverage.

Example of Libertas plan for Mazen:

  • Life Insurance Cover: $100,000
  • Total & Permanent Disablement Cover: $100,000
  • Annual premium: $2,000
  • Annual variation: 3%

Retirement Age

Total Amount Paid

Total Estimated Return – 4%

Total Estimated Return – 8%

65 years

$ 95,163

$ 135,502

$ 258,062

75 years

$ 150,820

$ 266,708

$ 639,248

85 years

$ 225,616

$ 483,675

$ 1,490,444


What's the maximum age to apply to the plan?

The last entry age is 64 years old, and the maximum maturity age is 85 years old.

Can I protect my plan against inflation?

Contributions & covers can be indexed from 0 to 7% according to your requirements.

What are the basic insurance covers?

In case of death or permanent total disablement of the insured, Allianz SNA will pay the sum insured and/or the cash value at the time.

In case of non-payment of premiums, will my policy be cancelled?

Three options are available for you to benefit from and preserve your program: The automatic premium loan option, the extended death term option and the pure extended investment option.

What are the life exclusions that are not covered within the policy?

Suicide and death sentence during the first two years and war risks unless chosen under the additional benefits.


How will I collect my money at maturity?

You may elect one (or a combination) of 2 options:

  1. A lump sum cash payment.
  2. A guaranteed 10 years annuity.


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