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Towards a Financially Stable Future

Most people know that a financially stable future is one of modern life’s priorities. This is why it is important to start saving early and to provide protection to our families.

Paterfamilias is an individual plan that combines protection as well as saving, while offering a minimum guaranteed return.

In addition to offering a standard cover, with an immediate lump-sum payment given upon the death and/or permanent disablement of the insured, Paterfamilias offers several optional covers that can be chosen to maximize and spread your coverage. 


Allianz SNA - Paterfamilias
  • Flexible saving and protection option to save for your retirement and protect your family at the same time.
  • Possibility to benefit from a minimum guaranteed rate of return on investment *
  • Flexible protection options with various insurance covers and riders.
  • Possibility to protect both the insurance and investment benefits against inflation.
  • Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly)



  • Insurance Benefits

  • Max option

  • Optional covers

  • Additional Benefits

  • Savings & Retirement Benefits

Insurance Benefits

Cover A : Immediate lump sum amount to be paid upon death and/or permanent total disability of the insured.


Max option

In case of death or permanent total disablement of the insured, Allianz SNA will pay the sum insured along with the savings at the time.

Optional covers

Cover B : Monthly payments to spouse over a specified period.

Cover C : Annual payments to children covering education up to a specified age.

Additional Benefits

Joint life option: to cover your wife or business partner as well.

Critical illness cover: To hedge against major illnesses like heart disease, cancer, stroke, coronary artery bypass surgery, and kidney failure.

Total Permanent Disablement: To cover in case of natural or accidental disabilities.

War cover: to protect against risks resulting from war, terrorism or similar circumstances.

Accident cover: To protect in case of accidental death or disability.

Savings & Retirement Benefits

  • Regular savings to provide you with cash value for your retirement with a minimum guaranteed rate of return of 4 %*.
  • Possibility to benefit from additional return on investment according to the dividend rate declared yearly by Allianz SNA.

  Case Study

A doctor in his early forties was attending a medical conference abroad. The unexpected occured, and he was the victim of a terrible car accident. Fortunately for his loved ones, he had planned ahead for such an uncertainty.

Precautions to avoid repercussions…

Precautions to avoid repercussions… He had acted on his insurance consultant’s advice and invested in a Paterfamilias plan. This plan secured his family over $ 600,000 spread out in the following manner:

  • An immediate cash payment of $150,000
  • A monthly revenue of $3,000 over 36 months
  • A yearly income of $5,000 for each child until they reach the age of 24


Age at inception

Yearly Premium

(with 3% annual variation rate)

Death & TPD insurance cover

Total Return at minimum guaranteed rate of 4%* at age 65

25 years




35 years




45 years





* In case of any increase or decrease in the minimum rate by Allianz SNA, it shall only affect allocations generated from future premiums paid after the date of such change.

Therefore the above investment amounts might change accordingly.


Can I protect my plan against inflation?

Contributions & covers can be indexed from 0 to 7% according to your requirements.

What are the life exclusions that are not covered within the policy?

Suicide and death sentence during the first 2 years and war risks unless chosen under the additional benefits.

How are annual dividends declared?

Dividends are declared yearly by an independent actuary. They are published in the major newspapers in the 2nd quarter of each calendar year.

In case of any financial shortage, must I cancel the policy to have access to my savings?

You have the right to access up to 90 % of your savings as policy loan. You don’t have to cancel the policy in such a situation.

How will I collect my retirement benefit?

You may elect one (or a combination) of 2 options:

  1. A lump sum cash payment
  2. A guaranteed 10 year annuity.

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