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Inescapable Fact

Education costs, especially beyond high-school, have become prohibitive.

It's an inescapable fact: Education costs, especially beyond high-school, have become prohibitive. When the time comes for your child to leave home and go to university, you want to make sure their dreams have a solid foundation. The time to prepare is now, with Allianz SNA's Universitas plan.

Universitas provides the perfect combination of security and savings towards a solid preparation of a child's education.


Allianz SNA - Universitas
  • Flexible saving and protection option to save for your children’s education and protect your family at the same time.
  • Possibility to benefit from a minimum guaranteed rate of return on investment *
  • Flexible protection options to cover both the university and schooling tuitions
  • Possibility to protect both the insurance and investment benefits against inflation.
  • Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly)



  • Insurance Benefits

  • Additional Benefits

  • Savings & Retirement Benefits

Insurance Benefits

The Program provides a waver of premium cover to ensure a pre-set targeted amount for your child's university years, in case of premature Death/Disability of the insured person.


Additional Benefits

Schooling Allowance: A pre-set schooling amount payable by the insurance company in case of premature Death/Disability of the insured.

Accidental Cover: A lump-sum payment equal to the first year's university tuition in case of accidental death of the insured.  

Savings & Retirement Benefits

  • Regular savings to provide you with cash value for your child’s education with a minimum guaranteed rate of return of 3.5%*.
  • Possibility to benefit from additional return on investment according to the dividend rate declared yearly by Allianz SNA.

  Case Study

Kareem & Zeina, a married couple with a new-born child Wassim, have just decided to start preparing for his education.

For just 107$ monthly allocation, they invested in a Universitas program comprising the following benefits:

  • A pre-set University Amount of $9,000 per year, to be paid over FOUR university years when the child reaches the age of 18.
  • An insurance benefit guaranteeing the above university amounts and a yearly schooling amount of $5,000 in the event of premature death/disability of the insured.
  • An additional Accidental Death Benefit equals to the first year Univeristy Tuition fees to be paid immediately over and above the University and Schooling benefits.


  • Investment value at age 18
  • Examples based on Death & TPD covers;
  • Premium annual variation is 3%.
  • Schooling Allowance cover: $5000/Year
  • University tuition cover (4 years): $9000/Year


Parent’s age

Child’s Age

Monthly Premium

(1st year)

Total Return at minimum
guaranteed rate of
3.5%* at maturity

28 years

<1 year



33 years

2 years



38 years

4 years




* In case of any increase or decrease in the minimum rate by Allianz SNA, it shall only affect allocations generated from future premiums paid after the date of such change.

Therefore the above investment amounts might change accordingly.


Can I protect my plan against inflation?

Contributions & covers can be indexed from 0 to 7% according to your requirements.

What are the basic insurance covers?

In case of Death or Permanent Total Disability of the insured, the company will guarantee the pre-set schooling and university amounts to insure the continuation of the child's education.

How are annual dividends declared?

Dividends are declared yearly by an independent actuary. They are published in the major newspapers in the 2nd quarter of each calendar year.

What if my child does not continue his higher education?

Universitas payments can also be used for other purposes such as career development or even marriage expenses.

How would my child collect his/her University Tuition fees at the age of 18?

Your child may collect his/her University Tuition fees either as a lump sum, or spread over the number of

his/her academic years.

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