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Al Mikwad


Motor Insurance

Al Mikwad is a Motor Insurance plan from Allianz SNA providing the car owner the adequate protection through a wide range of covers for the compulsory bodily injury, the third party liability or the motor all risk option.

Your car is more than just a method of transportation, it is an essential part of your life. It is your daily link with your job, friends, and favorite places. Protecting your car and the lifestyle it provides, requires a certain level of care.

When you choose Al Mikwad, the reliable motor insurance plan, you choose value, convenience and peace of mind.


Allianz SNA - motor_insurance
  • Flexibility to choose the cover options according to your insurance needs.
  • Flexibility of payments (monthly / quarterly / half-yearly / yearly).
  • Free 24/24 road assistance service.
  • Personal accident insurance for the driver and the family (Death and Disability + medical expenses).


  • Third Party Liabilities (TPL)

  • Motor all risk covering

Third Party Liabilities (TPL)

  • Motor compulsory bodily injury covering the bodily injuries caused to third parties up to LBP 750,000,000 as per the Lebanese Law
  • Material damages caused to third parties’ vehicles up to US $1.000.000

Motor all risk covering

  • Third-party liability (see above)
  • Fire and Explosion damage to the insured car
  • Theft and hold up
  • Car replacement in case of accident up to 20 days up to US$ 25/day (deductible 3 days)
  • New Vehicle registration fees in case of total loss or theft (10% of insured value)
  • Emergency roadside assistance 24h a day & 7 days a week
  • No depreciation on spare parts for new cars
  • 3 optional plans:
  • Comprehensive all risk
  • Deductible US$100 in case of accident (decreases by 25% each year with zero loss ratio)
  • Total Loss

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