The Safest Cities in The World

Did you know that 3 Asian cities have been ranked the safest cities to live in?


In December 2016, the Economist Intelligence Unit used 4 different indicators to rate cities on, to get a score out of 100. These indicators were for digital security, health security, infrastructure safety and personal safety.


Here is how they scored:

Allianz SNA - New York, USA.

10 – New York, USA. Score 78.01

Despite recent security issues, New York was rated second in the world for health safety. This means that the city is well equipped to deal with a major disease outbreak.

Allianz SNA - Melbourne

9 – Melbourne, Australia. Score 78.67

Melbourne, Australia, was voted as one of the best places in the world for infrastructure safety which minimizes accidents on the roads and rails.

Allianz SNA - Toronto

8 – Toronto, Canada. Score 78.01

This Canadian city actually came out as the best city in the world to live in if you add in its score against cost of living and business environment.

Allianz SNA - Zurich

7 – Zurich, Switzerland. Score 78.84

On the rankings for infrastructure and health security, Zurich ranks number one on both lists. This boosts its overall ranking of all 4 categories.

Allianz SNA - Sydney

6 – Sydney, Australia. 78.91

Beating Melbourne by just a few tenths of a point, Sydney was ranked high for infrastructure. It also scored third for secure transport.

Allianz SNA - Amsterdam

5 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Score 79.19

With only an 800,000-person population, Amsterdam is one of the smallest cities to appear in the top 10 safest cities in the world’s list.

Allianz SNA - Stockholm

4 – Stockholm, Sweden. Score 80.01

The capital of Sweden is not only number 4 on the list but the only European city to appear in the top ten on the ranking of its cyber safety. All the others are from America or Asia.

Allianz SNA - Osaka

3 – Osaka, Japan. Score 82.36

This Japanese city comes in second in the world for personal safety, however it is its cyber security that lets it down slightly, rated at number 5.

Allianz SNA - Singapore

2 – Singapore. Score 84.61

Singapore tops the list personal safety and business environment, however it doesn’t quite get enough points for the top position.


That goes to…

Allianz SNA - Tokyo

1 – Tokyo, Japan. Score 85.63

Not only is it the safest city on this list, is it also the world’s most populous city with a population of 38million!


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